Vivaldi now offers a detailed overview of browser history backed by statistics


Vivaldi browser got updated to v1.8 today and it comes with all new history experience which will allow you to explore your browsing patterns and makes it easier to find previously visited web pages easier than ever before. Generally in all the existing browsers, you would get a long list of pages visited and you would need to search and scroll through hundreds of lines to find what you’re looking for. With this update in Vivaldi, you can get a detailed overview backed by statistics and presented in a fresh, visual way.

Your browser history is now presented with monthly, weekly and daily overviews, where you get so much more than just a list of links. Graphs and a color-coded heat map overlay add another dimension, showing peaks of online activity and key browsing trends. There is also an option to search with a specified date range.

Vivaldi’s history puts searches in context. Let’s say you’re trying to remember where you saw that gift for a special someone, and you can roughly recall that it was on the day when you spent a lot of time reading news. Using the calendar view that shows a list of top domains visited each day, you can see the day with most visits to news websites and narrow down your search from there.

They have also added History to the Side Panel where you can find your Bookmarks, Downloads, Notes and websites of your choice. You can also now choose if you want to allow sounds in all tabs; only let the active tab play sound or let background tabs play sound as long as the active tab doesn’t.

Find the full change log here.