Vito Weather updated to 1.2, still free



VITO Technology released a new version of its free Weather application. Weather 1.2 boasts an updated cities database that includes 100% of USA cities and all major world cities.

Like most of Vito’s new products, the interface is finger-friendly, stylish and minimal. Vito Weather displays only necessary information. Current weather is displayed at the top of the screen together with the name of the city. Below is the forecast for today and tomorrow with min and max temperatures and an icon. The temperature can be shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Weather can display forecast for up to 10 cities. Users make a swiping gesture on the screen for smooth sliding to the next page with a forecast for another city. Users can also determine the order in which cities appear in Weather by dragging and dropping a city with their finger in the list of added cities.

Weather also integrates into Winterface – next generation mobile shell. When users add the Weather icon in Winterface it can display either temperature or weather status icon.

Download Vito Weather here.

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