Vito releases Task2Gather – collaborative task management software



A short while ago we had a question in our forum on how to manage a simple shopping list shared between two people (e.g. a husband and wife). For such a problem Exchange Activesync seemed overkill, and we did not have a good solution.

Vito Technology has now come to the rescue with the online project and task management utility Task2Gather. Task2Gather saves tasks in the web cloud for users to access any time they need.

While Task2Gather is quite appropriate for such a simple task, the software is also very powerful. It serves equally well both for organizing and supervising work flow in mid-size companies, and the hierarchic structure allows users to divide any project or task into unlimited number of sub-tasks. Task2Gather also synchronizes with Outlook tasks

Once a user has created a project, he can invite other participants and assign them responsible for certain tasks using a simple email address. Task2Gather also allows participants to communicate through comments.

Task2Gather for Windows Mobile is available for $4.99. We hope to have a full review of the software package in a few days time.

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