The fantastic PlayStation Vita exclusive game Persona 4 Golden is reportedly making the journey over to PCs later this year. 

Leaked via a Steam Database listing that was added to the platform just one week ago, the fantastic Atlus RPG was properly listed alongside official logos and banners.

Industry analyst Daniel “ZHugeEX” Ahmad has come out to state that the game will be announced with a stealth release, presumably during the upcoming PC Gaming Show livestream.

Persona 4 Golden is an expanded version of the original PS2 Japanese roleplaying game, much like the recent Persona 5 Royal, that sees a group of tightknit friends tackle a paranormal mystery revolving around a phantom TV channel that is killing civilians.

Golden is the definitive version of the game. While the original P4 is still a very good JRPG, Persona 4 Golden introduces new story elements, dungeons, new personas and more.

Hopefully, with SEGA’s new initiative to multiplatform gaming, we’ll see Persona come to even more platforms. (Maybe even a Nintendo Switch port?)