Visual Voicemail for Windows Mobile comes officially to T-Mobile Germany

vvm Today at CTIA Wireless 2009 Communology announced that T-Mobile in Germany is the first customer to sign on to using their LiveMedia Visual Voicemail product. The German mobile communications company has developed a voicemail product modelled after Apple’s visual voicemail on their iPhone.

LiveMedia Visual Voicemail will first be available on a variety of smartphones sporting the Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile operating systems. “Mobile communications companies all over the world have shown considerable interest in visual voice mail and they’re looking for solutions that will enable them to deliver VVM services to a broad subscriber base,” says Communology CEO Thomas Kaehler.

Visual Voicemail (VVM) transforms voice messaging to a data service. It redefines how users access their voice mail messages. Instead of calling into a mailbox and going through the audio menu, VVM guides the user through an easy-to-use visual interface to listen to and manage messages right on their phone. They can also return the calls with a push of a button. The primary difference in the visual version of voice mail is that voice messages aren’t stored in an external server. They’re delivered to and stored on the phone via a push service using compressed files.

T-Mobile will roll out the VVM service to both prepaid and postpaid German subscribers on several  Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry phones early this summer.