Visual Studio Achievements Come To Windows Phone, Still Beta

Achievements are the rage these days, with every gaming platform, from the Xbox to Windows Phone 7 to iOS offering them.

Turns out that, there are even achievements for coders – Microsoft’s Channel9 recently launched Visual Studio Achievements. And Den Delimarsky took to the challenge and developed a Windows Phone client, still in beta, which currently allows you to:

  • Track achievements fro multiple accounts
  • Compare achievements between Channel9 members
  • Pin Channel9 user accounts to the start screen for easy access to their personal achievements

Better yet, he’s planning even more features for the final version:

  • Achievement sharing (Email, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Push notification to alert about new achievements for tracked users
  • Comparison of an unlimited number of users

However, bad news for you Gamerscore-hungry: there’s obviously no Xbox Live integration.

Head over to Den’s blog for more details. Via