Visual Studio 2013 Makes Windows Phone Development Easier Than Ever

Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 last week to the general public. While it includes many improvements over Visual Studio 2012, what’s new for Windows Phone developers? First of all, Microsoft has improved the Windows Phone developer environment setup. Instead of installing the appropriate SDK and configuring the emulator with Visual Studio 2012, you can now just check the WP8 SDK package as shown in the image above while installing VS 2013. Now, you are done with Windows Phone development environment. Microsoft has made lots of XAML editor enhancements in VS 2013 which are listed below,

  • IntelliSense for data binding shows you the possible completions for the DataContext when available
  • InstelliSense for resources shows you all the resources that are applicable in a given scope, and that match the property type you are trying to assign the resource to
  • Go to definition (F12) for resources allows you to quickly jump to the document that contains the resource no matter where it defined in your project
  • Go to definition (F12) for types, properties and bindings allows you to quickly navigate to the declaration of the type, property or binding in your Model/ViewModel
  • Commenting markup supports nesting of comments within the selected range in the text editor
  • Renaming a start tag also renames the matching end tag
  • Support for adding XAML code snippets

Find more details about VS2013 here.

Source: Dina Helmy via: @Josefajardo