Visual Studio “15” Preview 3 Now Available For Download


Microsoft today announced the availability of Visual Studio “15” Preview 3. It will install on top of any previous Visual Studio “15” Previews and side by side with previous versions of Visual Studio. This preview includes improvements in IntelliSense to help you filter the member list by type and a new Exception helper that gives you instant non-modal view in to inner exceptions. The IntelliSense tray is disabled by default but can be easily turned on in Tools > Options. > Text Editor > C#/VB > IntelliSense. Preview 3 also includes Xamarin 4.1, which includes bug fixes as well as support for tvOS and improved iOS Assets Catalog support.

  • Reload All Projects has been replaced with Reload Solution to support better performance of switching branches external to VS. When using the Git command line to switch branches, choose Reload Solution after the branch has switched in order to achieve the maximum performance improvement.
  • A new external service host is being introduced that will replace vshub; this new service host is an external process and will appear in task manager as ServiceHub.Host.CLR.*.exe, as well as node.exe. This host will ultimately eliminate the localhost http traffic that was introduced with vshub.
  • The Roaming Extension Manager helps you keep track of all your favorite extensions across all of your development environments. Roaming your extensions keeps track of the extensions you have installed by creating a synchronized list in the cloud.
  • Visual Studio “15” Preview 3 includes Developer Analytics Tools v8.0, with the following improvements:
    • Support for adding Application Insights to ASP.NET Core RC2 projects from Visual Studio.
    • Diagnostic Tools events for ASP.NET 5 RC1 and ASP.NET Core RC2 projects.
    • Automatic refreshes of Application Insights Search when detail filters, time ranges, and events are selected.
    • Go to Code from requests in Search.
    • Improved HockeyApp sign-in experience.

Read the Visual Studio “15” Preview Release Notes for full change log. Today, Microsoft also released Team Foundation Server “15” Preview. You can find details on this release in the TFS “15” release notes and TFS “15” known issues.

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