VisionMobile: Developer interest in Windows Phone decrease for the first time, but Windows 10 to take over


VisionMobile have published the results of their bi-annual developer survey.

They survey of more that 13,000 mobile developers has for the first time shown declining interest in Windows Phone development,  in line of course with Microsoft’s plans to move to Windows 10 Mobile.

The good news is that 44% of mobile developers are planning to adopt Windows 10, vs 28% who planned to adopt Windows 8 some years ago. Unfortunately this is no guarantee of success, as in 2012 57% intended to develop for Windows Phone.image

VisionMobile did expect overall Windows phones (with a small p)  sales volume and market share to fall and Windows Phone dedicated developers (8% of the total) to shift to other platforms, possibly using tools like Xamarin to bring their C# code to iOS and Android.

Some indirect good news for Windows phones however that at 26% an increasing number of developers are targeting the mobile browser as users become increasingly reluctant to download apps for websites for example. Such cross platform solutions may benefit Windows phones when they run powerful competitive browsers such as Edge.

Some other key facts from the survey (not necessarily related to Windows Phone) include:

  • It’s a very male-dominated nation. Only 6% of our respondents describe themselves as female, though the proportion was slightly better (10%) in North America.
  • It’s a population of young obsessives. 89% of developers are working across multiple areas, often filling their spare time with more software development.
  • As a Nation it’s close to the poverty line. More than half of mobile developers (51%), and well over half those in IoT (59%) aren’t making a sustainable income (less than $500 a month).
  • The Clouds here have a silver lining. Cloud developers are most likely to be doing well, 67% of them are generating decent revenue (more than $500 a month)
  • Don’t expect to see the Clouds out in public. The most popular Cloud development platform is decidedly private (targeted by 44% of developers), ahead of AWS (16) and Microsoft Azure (13%).
  • Windows Phone is fading from view. Interest in Microsoft’s mobile platform has declined in the last six months (from 30 to 27%), while Android is still the most-targeted mobile platform (71%) and iOS remains popular.
  • It’s a multilingual Nation, with regional variations. In North America HTML5 is widely spoken (primary choice of 47%), while Asia leans towards more-established languages such as Java and C.
  • It’s a Nation full of risk-taking explorers. More than a quarter (26%) of IoT developers don’t even know who their eventual customers will be.
  • The population is easily attracted by shiny new things. The Swift language is growing, despite the fact that 16% of developers working in Swift aren’t making any revenue at all.
  • It’s an eternally optimistic Nation. 2% of desktop developers are targeting Google’s Chrome OS, in the confidence that the day of the thin client is finally dawning.

Read the full report here.

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