Virtual navigation buttons enabled on the Samsung Ativ S

Windows Phone 8.1 Dotykowe klawisze funkcyjne już teraz! Capacitive touch buttons on Ativ S

There’s quite a lot of advantages to having a fully unlocked Windows Phone, such as the Samsung ATIV S.

One of those is being able to edit the registry, which is how managed to enable the Virtual Navigation Buttons on the Samsung ATIV S.

The key involved is:

  • Enter SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Shell \ NavigationBar
  • Enter SoftwareModeEnabled
  • Read, type a new value of 1 and save addition, you can change the values ??in
  • IsAutoHideEnabled
  • Color
  • IsSwipeUpToHideEnabled at your discretion.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a Samsung ATIV S read full instructions at here.