Virgin Atlantic’s immersive new ‘Ida’ experience is powered by Windows 10

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At Future Decoded in London, Microsoft showcased their work with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. They used Windows 10 to create “Ida,” an immersive digital adventure that takes customers on a virtual guided tour that shows them what it’s like to be in first class on an actual flight.

“Ida” is a new way to help Virgin Atlantic’s sales team engage with business customers and travelers outside of traditional marketing and sales approaches. The experience starts with airport check-in, moves through the Heathrow Clubhouse airport lounge and on to what happens in flight, both at the plane lounge and in your seat, and ends with you waking up refreshed and ready to land.

“Ida” was built once, “and it runs across any Windows 10 devices which Virgin Atlantic uses. Watch the video about to know more about this.