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WP App Review: Vine (

Overall, the new Vine app on Windows Phone is just about as fully-featured as the Android app. It lacks some minor details for video filming, but that’s about it.

The Vine app on Windows Phone is quite great for the first version. It runs smoothly, lets you view/comment/post videos just like you should, lets you search for tags or people, and more. As long as the WP version gets updated when other platforms receive new features, the app will be great.

It currently does lack a few features pertaining to creating videos. You cannot save videos for later uploading, and you cannot edit video clips. With the Android version, you’re allowed to re-arrange the various video clips before uploading. Also, you can store videos so that you could choose to upload them later.

However, you can still use Vine on Windows Phone to film without an internet connection… when you go to post the video, it’ll say the upload failed, and you can upload it at another time. And I think editing the sequence of videos takes away from the nature of Vine, since it allows manipulation. So these two missing features aren’t super critical in my opinion.

Thus, the Vine app seems quite great. Definitely comparable to the Android version.

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