Video Review of IGN for Windows Phone 7

A few months ago, IMDB (Internet Movie Database) released a great WP7 application (A huge movie database). Now IGN has also impressed me with an AWESOME games database, simply called IGN.

The app appears to be a direct copy of the desktop version, but they simplified the UI and made it user-friendly; all the updates are quick, and you can find tons of information. They provide very thorough details (including cheats, walkthroughs, text review, and video reviews) for most of the games on the market. They also have Daily Fix, which is a daily video feed for games and other kinds of entertainment.

1.Simply and chic UI
2.Quick updates
3.Sufficient info for new games.
4.Abundant videos

1.Need more info for old games

Overall I think this application is awesome. For people who love video games, this is a must have application and is completely free of charge.

The app can be found in Marketplace here.