Video out hacked onto Windows Phone 7, will not be coming soon


26, 2012

Author Surur // in hack, News


There has been a long-running project on XDA-Developers, spearheaded by user MarsRogers, to enable a feature in Windows Phone which Microsoft uses with ease every time they present with Windows Phone – that is enable Video Out to a PC.

After working at it for nearly a year, and with the help of an unnamed Microsoft employee, he finally managed to extract all the files needed from an early LG Panther 7003 ROM, and as can be seen from the shots above has enabled it on his Samsung Focus.

The app requires a special app on the PC side to work, and MarsRogers’s sources say Windows Phone 8 will support remote desktop natively, making the project somewhat redundant in the future. Unfortunately also releasing the software would reveal his internal sources, so the app will not in fact be released.

It does leave us to wonder however why Microsoft chose not to make this useful feature available to users a long time ago if it does not require special hardware.  It would have solved the “no screen shot capability” moaning immediately for example.

Read more in the XDA-Developers thread here.


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