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Vezma is an award winning, mobile GPS app & web solution, that helps enterprises to track their vehicle mileage, location and time out on the road. It takes the trouble out of manual mileage capture, workforce location monitoring and report creation. Since its public launch in 2012 the start-up has accumulated more than 100 000 users across 115 countries, with the US remaining its largest user-base.

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How it works

As soon as you start driving, this unique GPS based app starts to automatically track time driven, miles, locations and then sends all the information to your secure online account. You do not need even to use your mobile internet data plan as the app can work with Wi-Fi only if you prefer.

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Everything is stored, organized and managed in the cloud

All your vehicle trip log data is stored automatically in the web-cloud so you can access the information from any device anytime, anyplace, and generate a number of professional reports for reimbursement, reporting or mileage tax deductions.

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Keep track of vehicle fleet or mobile workforce

By inviting others to your account you get-real time location and status updates from anyone you decide to add to your account.VEZMA Tracks

Try it for free

To get started, the app is completely free of charge. Initially you get a 30-day full feature free trial (no credit card needed, invite as many users as you like). After this trial period, choose a paid Premium plan (monthly or annual) that starts from $ 2.5 per user per month).

To get started download the VEZMA WP 8 GPS tracker app for smartphones or the VEZMA Workforce monitoring app designed for W8 devices.

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