Verizon to release HTC Touch Pro, Samsung Omnia, Samsung Saga – Windows Mobile not dead yet

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 Following a blog-storm of articles claiming Windows Mobile is not just dying, but already suffering rigor mortis, the news that Verizon is releasing an avalanche of Windows Mobile devices for the holiday season must come as a surprise to many people.

First is the Samsung Saga SCH-i770. The device is a CDMA/GSM hybrid with quad-band GSM for global roaming. It also features a 320×320 screen, EV-DO Rev. A, WI-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD and 2MP camera and a hybrid optical mouse/D-pad.

The next device is the CDMA version of the HTC Touch Pro. The device is identical to the Sprint version, but featuring a slightly more austere styling. The device will apparently be called the Verizon Wireless XV6850. It is pictured without TouchFlo3D, but is expected to ship with it.

The last device is the Samsung Omnia in its CDMA version. It appears the feature set is largely intact, with the 5 megapixel camera, WIFI, GPS (for VZ Navigator) and 8GB memory all still in place.

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