Verizon says they aggressively support Windows Phone and says it has a natural path into enterprise, but see challenges

Speaking to IDG, John Stratton, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions said the company was in favour of supporting a 3rd ecosystem like Windows Phone or Blackberry.

"We’d certainly like to see at least a third player," he said noting the company also heavily supported Android in the past.

“We are aggressively supporting Microsoft and [BlackBerry], because those are the next two obvious guys” he said. "If you think about it, Microsoft or [BlackBerry], either should have a natural path in," he continued, noting that little love in the enterprise market for Android.

He worried however that iOS and Android may have already built up corporate inertia that would be difficult to shift.

“There are some other clouds on the horizon that may or may not come about, some different things that some of the OEMs are trying to do, but timing is tough," he said, "But the question is whether the inertia problem going to be too much for them to overcome. This body is definitely in motion. Android is tough. The guys at Google would say it’s not really fragmented, but if you look at it from an enterprise perspective, it is challenging. And it’s a proposition that is sort of tough for IT professionals to get comfortable with."

Do our readers think Windows Phone 8 has what it takes to take back the enterprise market from Android? Let us know below.


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