Verizon HTC Touch Pro GPS Unlocked

Now we know Verizon has said they will free the GPS in the HTC Touch Pro and other high profile Windows Mobile smartphones sometimes next year, but so far those are just promises, and who wants to wait that long.

PPCGeeks hacker IIIboredIII has managed to develop a hack to re-enable the GPS in the Touch Pro to work with any software, rather than only Verizon Navigator like before.

The hack appears a bit convoluted but goes as follows;

1. download lllboredlll VZW GPS and put on your storage card
2. install cab but don’t soft reset after
3. use gsfinder or total commander to navigate to \windows\ppst.exe
4. execute ppst.exe and go thru the prompts
5. reset your device as needed
6. make sure you location is turned on and enjoy

The approporiate files for the hack and further detailed instructions can be found in this PPCGeeks thread here.

GPS Locking by carriers is really impossible to justify, and we can only encourage hacks like these which opens up the full potential of our devices. Thanks to IIIboredIII for making it happen.

Thanks Aleis for the tip.