Verizon confirms 5G support for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

We have reported in the past that Samsung is planning to launch different variants of Galaxy Note 10. There are rumours that Samsung might launch a Note 10 specific for Europe but there’s no word on how it will be different from the International variant.

Now, Verizon CEO has confirmed that Samsung is also working on a Note 10 with 5G support. We are still to see a full-fledged implementation of 5G but smartphone manufacturers are working on adding it to their flagships. Samsung has already launched a 5G variant of Galaxy S10 and the company will launch a 5G variant of Note 10 as well.

The Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G.

– Hans Vestberg, CEO, Verizon

With the confirmation coming from Verizon CEO, the device will support Verizon’s 5G bandwidth but there’s no word on what other frequencies will be supported. Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 10 somewhere in July. However, we will have to wait and see if the 5G variant is made available in all the countries or just specific countries.

Via: The Verge