Verizon And AT&T Comes In To Support Microsoft In Dispute Over U.S. Warrant For Data Stored Overseas

Microsoft has a global network of data centers included more than one million computers in more than 100 data centers spread over 40 countries. Microsoft as an enterprise vendor stores data of lots of different organizations and companies around the world in its various data center. As per US law, Microsoft is forced the disclose the content it stores in its data centers on request from agencies like FBI. Microsoft is now challenging the authority of federal prosecutors to force the Microsoft to hand over a customer’s email stored in a data center in Ireland. Microsoft’s argument is that, just like search warrant for physical goods, US authorities can get data stored only in the US. Recently, AT&T and Verizon has filed their support for Microsoft’s case in the court.

In the court filing, Microsoft has mentioned that continuing current government policy would “ultimately erode the leadership of U.S. technology companies in the global market.”

A decision like the one by the magistrate judge could feed into concerns of customers abroad as it would appear that under SCA, U.S.-based providers alone may be compelled to give U.S. authorities access to information held anywhere in the world, without considering foreign law or whether the customer-provider relationship has any substantial nexus to the U.S., AT&T wrote in its proposed amicus brief in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

“Foreign customers will respond by moving their business to foreign companies without a presence in the United States.” –Verizon filing

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via: PC World, The Verge, NYT

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