Venom announces multi-format Marauder Universal 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset

Venom, a leading provider of quality gaming accessories, announced today the shipping of the Marauder Universal 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset, a brand-new headset designed to deliver exceptional audio performance, available for use on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Yes, it works with everything!

Utilising state-of-the-art virtual 7.1 surround sound technology, the Venom Marauder unleashes extraordinary audio accuracy and realism of effects by dynamically positioning them around the game environment, so gamers will hear enemies approaching–no matter the direction! Every in-game explosion, shot fired and teammate talking is conveyed with impressive audio positioning, replicating the experience of a high end 7.1 home cinema environment.

Further enhancing the experience, Venom have incorporated unique vibration technology, made possible via a second 30 mm driver which intelligently reacts to gameplay cues, adding a powerful vibration sensation whenever explosions or loud effects come in to play. Using the in-line remote system, gamers can dynamically alter the vibration feedback to their liking.

Combining 40 mm Neodymium drivers that deliver powerful bass and refined top-end with the cushioned headband and ear cups which provide exceptional comfort, the Marauder delivers high-quality, immersive sound, ideal for the most sustained of gaming sessions and perfect for gaming, movies and music.

Simple plug-and-play compatibility allows the Marauder to be used across a wide variety of gaming formats, from console to PC, perfect for those who game across multiple formats.

“With the continued growth of competitive gaming, esports and social online play, it’s never been more important to deliver quality audio which meets the demands of gamers,” said Tom Hodge, Director of Sales for Venom. “The Marauder delivers comfort, innovation but most importantly, superlative 7.1 audio which brings games to life and enhances the entertainment experience. Best of all, in traditional Venom fashion, we’re able to deliver exceptional value for money bringing high-end audio performance within reach of all gamers.”

The Marauder 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset retails for £50 and is available for preorder today at Amazon alongside all leading gaming retailers.

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