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Talking about Velocity Mobile, Slashgear has been handling Velocity Mobile’s touch-driven Velocity Mobile 103 and has put up a review of the Windows Mobile Professional smartphone and Velocity’s user interface.

While it’s fair to say they find the features pretty good (VGA screen, GPS, HSDPA etc), they did not find Velocity’s Windows Mobile add-on layer sufficiently deep or comprehensive enough.

Their conclusion was:
Consider that it’s the first handset from Velocity Mobile on the market, though, and you perhaps become a little more accommodating. Nothing is truly bad about the 103, and some aspects – VOTA, the copious connectivity, the luscious display – are positively stand-out. The 103 is a first-generation device and, based on what little we saw at CTIA of the upcoming Velocity line-up, it’s passing the best of its DNA to its successors.

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