Valve has confirmed that their handheld gaming PC running SteamOS, the Steam Deck, is still on track to ship in February, but there’s still a chance for delays. 

After being delayed back in November due to the “global supply chain” issues that have affected a number of companies, the future of the Steam Deck has been a little bit uncertain, however, thankfully now Valve has confirmed that things should be all good. 

In a new Steam Community update, Valve confirmed that they’re “on track to ship Steam Deck on time,” with units hopefully going out of their doors in February. In spite of this “on track”-ness, Valve still decided to warn us about potential delays, saying “global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping issues notwithstanding.” 

To go alongside the almost certainty of a release date, Valve also explained in the update post that “work and testing for the Steam Deck Verified program has been underway,” so once you get your hands on the coveted Steam Deck, you’ll at least know what you’re able to play thanks to a “nice green Verified check.” 

Once the first batch of Steam Decks are shipped off to the lucky few at the front of the line, Valve will then begin working through the list of eager £4 reservation slot holders. It’s currently unclear just how much longer than February you’ll have to wait if you’re not in the first batch of reservation holders, but new orders will have you waiting until Q2 this year, so it could be a few months at least.