Valve has introduced the new Steam Labs tab – a way for you to try, share, and potentially break the company’s current works in progress before sharing your feedback.

The three current active experiments for you to check out are Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender, and Automatic Show.

Micro Trailers lets you ‘absorb every game in the Steam catalog’ in mere moments. Consisting of looping trailers that are only six seconds in length, these videos are designed to let you know the most important parts of each game without taking up half your day.

There’s currently four types of Micro Trailers: Classic, Entire Row, Scroll to Play, and The Big Quad. All of them are self-explanatory, but you can browse them at your own leisure here.

Interactive Recommender is exactly what it says in the name. It uses the, and I quote, ‘magic of machine learning’ to scour your Steam library, look at how much time you’ve invested into each game, and then recommends games you might like based on that.

You can also filter your results by picking games that are ‘popular’ or ‘niche’ or somewhere in between, and then filter even further by scaling the release date and searching by tags. You can check out Interactive Recommender here.

The last experiment, Automatic Show, is an automated show about games.

Each day, Automatic Show generates a half-hour long episode all about the latest games. It compiles lists of the top games from certain categories, such as the 30 most new and popular games or top 20 roguelikes, and puts them all together in a trailer for you to peruse. You can watch Episode 1 here.

You can check out the Steam Labs page here. Just remember that these are works in progress and, while some of them might be great, others might be a bit hit and miss. Remember to leave your feedback so Valve know how and where to improve!