Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has revealed that he will be hosting a free concert in New Zealand following the country’s successful domestic eradication of the Coronavirus. 

Newell, who revealed that he has been living in the country for the last five months due to the worldwide lockdown, announced his plans on TV New Zealand, via VGC, today.

The Half-Life creator explained that he had only planned on spending ten days in the country following the completion of VR game Half-Life Alyx, but was stuck in New Zealand following the closure of its borders.

Staying in the country Spanish racer Alex Riberas and his partner Teagan Klein, the group decided to hold the free We Love Aotearoa concert to thank the diligent country for hosting them during the horrendous pandemic. With the country being free of new COVID-19 cases following their strong lockdown process, a concert is a fun way to celebrate.

“When we first got here we had friends at WETA [Workshop] and that gave us an opportunity to connect with new people like the Rocket Labs company and [VR company] Eight 360,” said Gabe Newell.

“That was all stuff we had originally planned, but because we had those connections we’ve continued to connect with more people and discover new things about New Zealand and that’s made it very easy.”

“The hardest part, by far, is being worried about friends and family who aren’t in New Zealand… when I talk to people back in Seattle, it’s a very strange time. It’s very challenging. They’re very isolated [and] aren’t able to go out.”