VAIO is coming back to the USA with its new “monster tablet”


19, 2015


VAIO is coming back. The company’s previous owner, Sony recently sold its VIAO business to Japan Industrial Partners aka JIP. Initially, JIP focused on the domestic market with VIAO – however, the company is now focusing on the international market. VAIO’s CEO, Yoshimi Ota told “We are not interested in cheap models for everyone,” to WSJ. Ota stated that the company was focusing on market share when it was owned by Sony – however, they’ve shifted focus to profitability and focusing users in the creative industry.

The company is returning to the United States with the VAIO Canvas Z, which is “a monster tablet”. The tablet packs a detachable keyboard, 256GB SSD, an i7 processor, and up to 16GB of memory. The device will be available for $2,199 in the United States from the Microsoft Store, as well as VIAO’s US website from October 5th. The company will start taking pre-orders fro the device in mid-September, however.

It’s worth noting that VIAO is also bringing its products to Brazil alongside the USA. However, for now, there is no word on the availability of its monster tablet for the country just yet.

Source: WSJ – Via: Verge

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