Vaio introduces new laptops with Windows 10


Sony stopped making laptops a little while ago. The company’s Vaio brand, however, is still making new laptops. Tody, the company unveiled the new Vaio Z series and the new Vaio S series. and the mainly built for pro users looking for a premium experience. Surprisingly enough, Vaio’s new laptops look pretty much like some of the old Sony laptops.

The Vaio Z comes with a 13-inch display (2560×1440). The device packs 8GB of RAM, but you can also get it with 16GB of RAM. As for the storage, Vaio is packing a 256GB SSD or a 512GB SSD with the new Z series. The battery of the Z is pretty good, and Vaio states that it will deliver 11.5 hours of battery life. Vaio is planning to launch the new Z series in the US in early February. The device’s price will start at $1799 (with the Core i5 processor). However, Vaio will also sell a cheaper variant of the device which packs a 1080p non-touch display, longer battery life of 15.5 hours — and it will be available for $1499.


Vaio also introduced a new S series today. The S series will be more affordable than the Z series. For the display of the S series, Vaio is packing a 13-inch Full HD display, Intel Core i5 processors and a battery that will last 9 hours. As for the RAM, Vaio will be offering 8GB of RAM with the S series and 256GB PCIe SSD for the internal storage. The device will be available for only $1099.

As you may expect, both of the company’s new series of laptops sport Windows 10.

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