UXEvangalist – WM 7 already in beta, rocking on Motorola and Samsung hardware


3, 2009

UXEvengalist has found an unusual source for Windows Mobile 7 news and rumours – Linkedin profiles of current and former Microsoft and other telcom employees.

He has turned up numerous references to the new OS, in general confirming what we have heard already:

Examples include:

zoneforwmI am responsible for designing and developing the Multimedia subsystem development for Tegra (APX2500) on Windows platforms including latest OS Windows Mobile 7. Source

Planned, designed, architected and implemented MEMS sensor capabilities in Windows Mobile 7-based platform, including accelerometer and compass. Source (Hey, I thought this guy made karate movies! lol. =B )

Oversaw development of the Rich Video Call(AT&T Video Share) UI, session control, and porting of the IP Multimedia Subsystem stack to Windows Mobile 7. Source

(Premium Mobile Experience Group) RIL, GPS, WiFi, and USB on Windows Mobile 7. Source

Development of Test automation for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Mobile 7, the next generation of Mobile Operating System. Source (Most likely at IE8 now)

Last assignment was as consulting Dev PM/Lead on the Windows Mobile Platform Team (MESE Dogfood). Working to help make Windows Mobile 7 rock on Motorola and Samsung devices. Source

Collect requirements from internal teams and create a long term deployment plan for Windows Mobile 7 Labs. Design and direct the creation of self servicing lab spaces for three Windows Mobile 7 add on projects. Oversee the public launch of one of the Windows Mobile 7 add on projects. Source

As a researcher, gathered requirements from the project team and formed the test task list and test document of WM7 IME, Live

Video Search, and Mobile Search usability test. Source

Microsoft UX Team Project Manager for the Mobile Insights Panel
• Drove progress for this $2 million instrumented mobile phone research project to collect user activity data from 400+ users to improve the Windows Mobile software experience.
• Worked with the Windows Mobile team to create special data collection software for the MIP devices. The WM team is looking to include parts of this software in the production release of WM 7.

The above is only a small selection of the bits of into UXEvangalist collected. One bit in particular is interesting:

LinkedIn profile of a Motorola employee has a rather interesting mention in it: "Runtime Environment: Windows Mobile 7.0 (Beta)"

UXEvangalist speculated the OS will be unveiled at PDC 2009, which should put a real damper on WM 6.5 sales, and has heard rumours that WM7 will have exactly the same UI as the ZuneHD.

What do our readers think?  WM7 closer than we think? Let us know in the comments.

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