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1, 2015


uTraveler is a free new Windows Phone 8.1 app for travelers who want to keep all stuff for trips in one place and use them offline wherever they travel.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an Internet connection or not because uTraveler allows you to manage (view\add\edit\delete) all content such as: trips, photos, texts, notes, routes, placemarks and expenses offline and if you want you can synchronize it later. All photos or notes added to a Trip will be automatically placed on the Map if they have geo-location data so you can easily locate them. If they don’t – it’s possible to set geo-location manually. Also the App sorts and groups the photos and notes by date or by day on the Timeline.

Usually you want to plan your trip or just indicate some places you want to visit on the Map. uTraveler allows you to do that using uploaded files from Google Maps. You can follow this link (https://mapsengine.google.com/maps) and create a map with some routes and placemarks with description, export it to KML or KMZ file, save it to your Windows Phone device or OneDrive and upload this file using uTraveler App for a specified Trip (more details can be found in built-in help in the App).

During the trip you can track expenses for a specific thing (café, petrol, hotel, etc.) and a specific currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) and the App sorts and group all these expenses and calculates a total amount for each currency per day.

If you’re connected to Facebook you can share your photos or post some notes from the App. Photos can be posted to a specific Facebook album with desired privacy (Private, Friends, Global). Also the App can create a Facebook album with the name of your trip so you can place some photos into it. You can view comments and likes of the posted photo and write your comments to it.


  1.  Add photos from device or camera and attach some captions to them. All photos with geo-location will be placed on map automatically, however it’s possible to change location of a photo on the map.
  2. Add some text or notes which will be placed automatically on the map if your GPS is on.
  3. Add some routes from Google Maps. These routes can be created here (https://mapsengine.google.com/maps) and must be exported to KML or KMZ files and saved to your Windows Phone device or OneDrive so you can upload them directly to a Trip in the App. The App can read all placemarks with icons and description, routes, lines and polygons.
  4. Add expenses for a particular thing during the trip such as: rent of a house, petrol, café and etc. The App automatically sorts and groups your expenses by day and calculates total amount for each type of currency.
  5. Integration with Facebook which allows your to post your photos and some text or notes. If you post a photo you can choose a specific album (or the App can automatically creates an album with name of the current Trip) and privacy (Private, Friends, Global). When the photo was posted, you can see all comments and likes for it. Also it’s possible to write comments for this post from the App directly to Facebook.
  6. Utilization in offline mode and synchronization with Cloud. The App allows you to manage your trips offline (to view/add/edit all content) and when you have an Internet connection you can synchronize all this content with our Cloud.
  7. Customizable interface where you can change a color scheme, your avatar or cover image.

Download it from the Windows Phone Store here.

Website: http://utraveler.net

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