UTrackSports Launches UTrack-Soccer!

UTrack-Soccer is an easy, intuitive way to keep track of your child’s soccer stats.

Recently released into the Windows Phone Store, UTrack-Soccer boasts the most extensive functionality of any stat-tracking application in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The application is simple and intuitive, taking the confusion out of tracking your child’s soccer stats!

Have you ever…

  • Wondered why isn’t your child playing as much as everyone else’s child but been unable to prove it?
  • Wondered who is the best player on the team?
  • Wondered who has the most goals?
  • Wanted to track your child’s stats across multiple teams and leagues?
  • Wanted to share your child’s stats with a relative or friend?

UTrack-Soccer is the answer to all of those questions!

UTrack-Soccer allows you to track over 50 stats including:

  • Time on the field
  • Shots
  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Penalties
  • Shoot-outs
  • Substitutions

Upon downloading, you simply set up Teams, Players, Games, and Leagues (Optional). If your child plays in more than one league, there is no need to create him in the players section twice, just add him to his or her second team.

After setting up Teams, Players, and Games, it’s time to start tracking! The user navigates to the game manager screen. This is where all of the magic happens, as the first period starts, and the score board clock starts ticking down (or up!). Simply tap the player who you would like to attribute one of the more than 50 stats to, and you are navigated to the stats picker screen. Tap the stat you wish to attribute and you will be navigated back to the game manager screen. If you made a mistake, simply tap the un-do button and the stat will be backed out. To attribute substitutions simply tap the menu button, putting the app into substitution mode. Substitutes are as simple as tapping the player on the bench, and tapping the player on the field. No complicated dragging and dropping!

After the game is over (or during the game) you can view the full text play-by-play, individual stats, team stats, and time-line, which shows the natural progression of the game. Stats can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Text Message, Email, etc. as the app implements the Windows Phone Share contract.

Try the application out for free today in the windows phone store. The application is on sale for a short period of time for .99.

Download it here from the Windows Phone Store today!

Check out UTrack-Soccer in action!

For More information, please visit our Web-Site: www.utracksports.com/

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