Utility offers super-easy A2DP connection


27, 2009

carbluetoothThe problem with Bluetooth A2DP (sometimes referred to as Stereo Bluetooth or Wireless Stereo) is that it is not well implemented by many accessory manufacturers. They forget simple things like that the user wants the A2DP to connect when the Bluetooth connection is established. Well xda-developers user xiaojin1985 has solved the problem with a very simple utility: AutoA2DP.

AutoA2DP works how you would expect it to: when your Bluetooth device is connected, AutoA2DP kicks into action and starts up your wireless stereo connection automatically! It’s an extremely small utility and does not consume any memory except when toggling the A2DP state.

I have found this utility extremely useful and in fact use it every day (and every time I get into my car). But I found the installation process a little clunky. So I’ve written up a .cab file with automatic setup. Now it’s as simple as possible to install: just run the .cab file. Easy!

1/8″ headset jack be damned, who needs it when you have A2DP?

AutoA2DP can be downloaded from my website here with original xda-developers post here.

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