Use your smartphone as a bluetooth keyboard for your PC or PS3!


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The busy team at MobileSrc has been hard at work implementing one of the harder hacks on Windows Mobile – writing a new Windows Mobile bluetooth profile.

They have implemented the Human Interface bluetooth  Profile as a source, allowing anyone to use their smartphone as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for any bluetooth connected PC.  With this solution there is no need to install any software on your desktop, unlike other server-based solutions, and this allows the software to work on any device with the HID profile implemented, meaning potentially the software will work even with non-PC devices like the PS3.

This solution works very well when you are using a PC as a media centre, as demonstrated in this video from PocketNow below, but I believe where it really comes into its own is as a bluetooth keyboard for a PS3, where it will increase the usefulness of the PS3 web browser exponentially.

The software costs a very reasonable $8.99, and is available from the WMPoweruser software store here.