USA beats Europe in unlock Wi-fi hotspot

image WeFi Inc., just today released a report they did on available hotspot areas in the World and it seems that the USA beats them all. WeFi, for those of you that do not know, is a service with a Windows Mobile application that gives you a live map feed of hotspots around your current location. The report shows that the US has 40% of all hotspots unlocked while Europe is down at a mere 25%. This information comes is  based on just under 50 million Wi-Fi networks that were obtained from WeFi’s database. Belgium and Norway take the cake for the highest available network in Europe , while the highest percentage of locked access points are found in Germany and Spain.

image The amount of captive hotspots are also very high in Europe. If you are unsure on what captive hotspots are, they are network that you either have to pay for or the free ones that you get at McDonalds.

image This is some good information if you are ever traveling somewhere and want to know where to go. The application is free for the bitters and if you are in the mood you can even go out and find all the hotspots in your area.

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