US shrink in importance as China and India rise in prominence in Windows Phone market



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According to data collected by Adduplex, the second wave of Windows Phone markets are rapidly overtaking the first wave of largely western markets.

By their data USA had 45% of the market in 2011, which rapidly decreased by the start of 2012 to 34% in January 2012, and currently standing only at 26%.

Meanwhile China increased from 7% in 2011 to 14% in July 2012, and India from 4% in January 2012 to 8% in July.

At this rate of growth the combined market share of India and China will likely overtake that of USA in 2 months suggesting developers may need to refocus from apps addressing first world problems to ones addressing a subtly different set of needs.

Microsoft is of course addressing this change itself, with lower cost handsets, better support for local services and broader language support.

How do our readers think this trend will affect Windows Phone? Let us know below.

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