US CDMA/LTE Windows Phones coming at CES 2012?

LTE-symbolPCMag reports from Microsoft’s New York event that the delay in new CDMA Windows Phone 7.5 handsets was a timing issue.

Andy Lees said the lack of CDMA is "no limitation of the OS, it’s a timing thing between the operator and the OEMs."

What may be keeping CDMA Mango handsets back however may be lack of LTE support, but Greg Sullivan notes other manufacturers have access to the same LTE Mango update that Nokia does.

Nokia has already committed to building LTE Windows Phones, but other manufacturers are expected to follow soon.

"I don’t think there’s any kind of head start [Nokia] gets, but I think Stephen [Elop} was more aggressive in terms of getting out there with the news," Sullivan said.

PCMag, without noting a source, claimed Verizon Wireless is expected to announce a Nokia Windows Phone at the CES trade show in mid-January. The phones will likely support LTE also.

PCMag also tried to probe for a launch date for the next version of Windows Phone, but notes “Lees demurred, but couldn’t resist the hint of a smile when someone mentioned the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona in late February.”

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