Updated Ways of Storing Your Memories with the Updates on the Memorate App



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We believe that so far you had the chance to download and try the Windows Phone app Memorate, created by the startup H-Sense. Through Memorate, you can choose from different media constructs in order to create a single construction, called a “mem”. Mems can be made of sentence beginnings, images, songs, videos, locations, and ending sentences.  Like a puzzle, you just pick the right parts and put them together to create something that has a meaning to you. Very easy and very simple.

Well, dear WP lovers, Memorate now comes with a few excellent updates that help you keep your memories in a better and more personalized way. Here are the new features:

Facebook Integration – Log in to the Memorate service using your Facebook account. Why would you want to do this? You’re able to associate any Mems you post as yours. It also allows you to get notifications of important events.

Push Notifications – This latest update enables push notifications from Memorate. This is still a feature that is being updated but we intend to allow you to subscribe for events that occur on the Memorate service that you might be interested in. Never miss a memorable moment anymore!

Updating Live Tiles – This goes hand in hand with the push notifications and will also allow you to be notified of any events or new mems.

Upload/take your own Pictures – So far, the Mems you create have been limited to using existing media (pictures/songs/videos). Now, you’ll be able to capture the scene in front of you by selecting to take a picture while you are creating a Mem, or even to use pictures from your media library! You are at the memorable spot? Share it with the Memorate network and get it posted on the social networks!qr code

And that is not all. Memorate comes with one more special thing for you! You can review all the mems you have ever posted, from your personal Mem Diary! This helps you keep all your memories in one place, and it’s private to you only. One nice little thing to do for yourself.

H-Sense keeps updating the app to make it fit you best, so if you have any ideas or requests for Memorate, tell them here.

Still haven’t tried Memorate? Grab it at the Windows Phone Store here.

Fill in your blanks. Share what you memorate.

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