Updated Nokia HERE Location Apps Now Available For Download

HERE Drive Update

Nokia yesterday announced update for HERE Drive, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit apps. These updates are now available for download from Windows Phone Store.

HERE Drive+/HERE Drive:
What’s New:

– Personalized commute assistance on your daily routes with My Commute in 26 countries*
– Traffic view keeps you up-to-date on current traffic conditions around you
– Interactive compass including the new “north up” perspective makes map orientation easier
– Simpler access to favorites and route settings
– Upgrade your navigation license via app settings for full offline, turn-by-turn navigation in 95 countries* (HERE Drive alone)

Download HERE Drive+ here from Windows Phone Store and HERE Drive here.

HERE Transit:
What’s New

– The new start experience lets you plan a trip in advance, access your favorite places, your history and nearby transit stations with a swipe
– Now you can easily create, access, and manage all your favorite destinations from the new dedicated favorites screen

Download it here from Windows Phone Store.

Update 1:

It seems HERE Drive+ and HERE Drive apps are shown with “This app is no longer published” error in some region. Give it sometime and try it again.

Update 2:

It seems Nokia pulled the app due to installation issues, and they are already working on it. Expect it in Windows Phone Store soon.