Updated Forrester report shows that Windows 10 can drive significant cost savings for enterprise

To demonstrate Windows 10 is having a positive impact to customers’ bottom line, last year, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of Windows 10. To continue to understand the benefits and costs associated with a Windows 10 implementation, Forrester interviewed four additional enterprise customers. As per the updated study, the three-year net present value of benefits per user increased from $403 to $515 and the Return on Investment grew from 188% to 233%, with a payback period of 13 to 14 months. Microsoft believes that this updated study further proves that Windows 10 can lead to significant cost savings, security and productivity benefits for enterprise customers. Check out the highlights of the benefits of deploying Windows 10 in an organisation below.

  • One customer found that deploying Windows 10 was quicker and easier by as much as 50% from their last operating system upgrade and overall IT administrators estimate a 15% improvement in IT management time with Windows 10 — valuable time back to help in other key IT areas.
  • Forrester estimated some of the businesses could be saving up to nearly $700,000 a year by enabling security features in Windows 10.
  • Employees, especially mobile workers, estimate they have 25% more time to get work done than they did before.

Read more about this study here.

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