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Thanks to yours suggestions and bug reports, I am happy to announce, that update for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone Action plan manager app has been updated. Your comments are very appreciated so don’t hesitate and get in touch with us using in-app contact button.

Bugs that we squashed:

  • When editing action, due date always set up to today.
  • Date was not presented according to your regional settings of phone.
  • In Windows 8 app, it was not possible to select action plan using touch.
  • Some grammar mistakes (if you spot one in your language, please write us so we can correct it).

For those who do not know what Action plan manager is, it is unusual task manager app for Windows Phone and Windows 8. It was developed based on knowledge from automotive industry to help professionals and ordinary folks organize their tasks. This app uses several unique features and all tasks are oriented towards problem solving. All tasks, or to be precise actions, are sorted in Action plans – custom categories created by user.


  • Organizing to separate Action plans (categories)
  • Managing several Action plans (categories) through Master plan feature.
  • Several ways to describe each action (title, description, actions to be taken, priority, status, due date, responsible persons and result)
  • P-D-C-A planning for tracking lifecycle of each action (task).Possibility to assign several people as responsible for completing action.
  • Integration with contacts in Windows Phone.
  • SkyDrive backup, restore and manual sync possibility – you can transfer your Action plans from one device to another.
  • Possibility to send Action plan through email (Windows 8 only feature).
  • Possibility to export Action plan to XML (Windows 8 only feature).

App is free for personal usage with several limitations. You can have for free up to 15 actions divided to unlimited number of Action plans. SkyDrive, sharing and export functionality are disabled in free / trial mode.

Full version of Windows Phone app can be bought for half price (99 cents) until 5.9.2013. Pro package for Windows 8 app with all features cost 2,49$.

Development is on-going and more features are to come. Next update will bring automatic sync, push notifications and co working of several people on same action, all powered by Azure.

You can find Action plan manager here for Windows 8 and here for Windows Phone.

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