Upcoming Windows Universal Store Apps Detailed

WIndows Universal Store apps

Yesterday, we reported that Universal apps are coming with Windows Phone 8.1 that will allow developers to target the apps both for tablets and mobile devices. A leaked slide of Windows Phone blue details the Universal Store apps.

Developers will be able to create one Visual Studio ‘Shared Solution template for their apps. You can have two Visual Studio UI projects for your single code base, one for Windows Phone UI and another for Windows UI. You can have two different AppX packages to submit to Store targeting Windows Phone and Windows. Microsoft also claims that developers can have shared dev and test tooling for both the platforms.

I’m sure developers will be excited to hear this news! If you are a developer, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Find the slide about converged UI controls after the break.

via: RomanL

Windows Phone 8.1 Converged UI controls