Upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Lockscreen Feature Demoed (Video)

Joe Belfiore said we can expect the first beta of lock screen apps to show up on our handsets in 1-2 weeks.

4 of 8Developer David Lorenzin has jumped the queue slightly by giving us a preview on video of the apps he will be publishing to the Windows Phone Store.

According to the video his lock screen app will feature 3 styles of unlocking –   Classic,  which features diagonal sliding lines, Clock Plus, which features text revolving around a circular hub, and  Stripe, which features sliding horizontal sections.

The effects looks as stylish as we have come to expect Windows Phone features to look.   It will only be available however to 1 GB+ devices, which excludes the most popular Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520.

Update:  The video appears to be generated from a preview app currently in the Windows Phone Store by Ventasoft (of Movie Maker 8.1 fame), who reports that they will be releasing the app as soon as the API becomes available.image

That app can be downloaded here.

Will our readers be loading up on these apps in two weeks? Let us know below.

Via Neowin.net.