Upcoming Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Device Revealed Via Design Patent

While we pretty much know that Nokia is going to reveal its flagship Windows Phone 8 device on Sep-5th, we are still not sure about the design. Earlier leaked device via Chinese sources was believed to be Nokia Phi which will be a successor to Nokia Lumia 900. It will have 4.7” curved display, unibody polycarbonate design and Windows Phone 8 features such as dual core CPU, external SD card support, NFC and more. Liveside has revealed a design patent from Nokia which they think might be the design of Nokia Phi. Even though the above design looks like Nokia Lumia 800 or 900, the location of the speaker and the width of the screen’s edge reveals that this is actually the Nokia “Phi” or some upcoming device from Nokia.

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via: Liveside Source: USPTO