Upcoming Nokia Lumia Exclusive Foursqaure App Shown On Video

Foursquare per Windows Phone 8 - video demo @ MWC 2013 [ENG]

Nokia and Foursquare announced at MWC last month that they are working on two Foursquare app variants for Windows Phone. One of the  versions will be available for all Windows Phone 8 devices with new features such as voice integration which will allow users to use voice commands to detect what’s trending and to search nearby places. The app will also be NFC-enabled for content sharing, friend requests, and check-ins.

Nokia is also planning to bring an exclusive version of Foursquare to Lumia devices which will include all the capabilities of the one available for all Windows Phone 8 devices, and in addition to that adds augmented reality to enhance the discovery experience through Nokia Lumia camera lenses. These apps are expected to be available in late Q1 and early Q2, 2013. WindowsPhoneItaly had a chance to have a little overview of how the app will look like. You can watch the video above and find more images of the app in the link below.

Source: WindowsPhoneItaly