Upcoming iPhones will feature a three-camera setup and an unique auto-correction feature

Bloomberg today reported more details about the next generation iPhones that will be announced this September. Apple will release three new models as the successors to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. All these three iPhones will feature A13 chipset that will offer improved performance and battery life.

While the design of these new iPhones will remain the same, Apple has included an extra camera on the back. The successor to the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max will have a three-camera setup while the successor to the iPhone XR will have a dual-camera setup.

The third camera on the flagship models will have an ultra-wide-angle lens similar to what we see in Android flagships. Apple will also include an auto-correction feature that will allow you to bring people back into a photo who may have been accidentally cut out. The second camera on the updated XR model will have telephone lens.

Apple will also enable users to charge their AirPods by putting them on the back of the new iPhones. Going by these details, it looks like the upcoming iPhone models will be less interesting when compared to other Android flagships that are expected later this year.

Source: Bloomberg