Upcoming game by VRGAMESTUDIO

In year 2155, planet earth is enslaved. Aliens, who had maintained friendly relationship with earth, suddenly attacked and took over in a bid to save their own race from dying. They sent humans to live on the other planet under surveillance machine like alien creatures. So humans now live in a lost, barren land, with no hope, thrown out of their own home. But one soldier wants to change it all.”

In this upcoming platformer game for windows phone 8, players will take the role of ‘The Hero’, a soldier who wishes to take the alien weakness from their own planet to planet earth and win Earth back. Players will start in a barren alien wasteland and make their way through the forest into alien base. From there, the player will fight to win the spaceship and make his/her way back to planet earth where the final episode takes place.

The game has been developed with free art resources available across the net so it lacks the cutting edge graphics but will make up for it in its storytelling, music and other content. Here are some screenshots from the game:

See more screen shots after the break.