Upcoming Features Of Rowi Twitter App For Windows Phone Revealed

Hidden Pineapple, the developers behind the famous Twitter app Rowi today revealed the upcoming features that are coming soon to their Windows Phone app. Instant Push notifications, Real-time tweets, etc, are  some of the new features.

The three big things for this release are:

Updated to Twitter 1.1 API

What’s in it for you? Well, nothing really except there are less available APIs so a few features go away and rate limiting works differently so you’ll be able to start refreshing faster again after running out, but you’ll run out faster. Thanks, Twitter. 🙁

Real-time tweets for timeline, mentions and messages

To help with rate limits in the new Twitter API, we have added support in Rowi for the Streaming API that will allow new tweets to be delivered to Rowi on your phone in near real-time. There are lots of little details and settings about how this will all work that you will see in this new release, but in our usual fashion, we will keep it as simple as possible to use.

Instant push notifications

This one has been a long time coming, but this new release of Rowi will include our new instant push notification service! While we’re not the first to do this on Windows Phone, as always, we will give you the best Live Tile notifications of any Twitter app on Windows Phone. Just like the others, there are lots of goodies in this one to make for an enjoyable experience, but we’ll wait to share all of those until the release.

Lots more

This release has a TON of little bug fixes and general improvements. You’ll have to wait for the release to see which ones exactly. Sorry, we’re a tease sometimes. 😉

Find another view demo after the break. The developers also revealed that they are working on a App.net client for Windows Phone devices.

Source: Rowi


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