Bethesda’s upcoming patches for Fallout 76 have been announced and, while they won’t be able to make the game much more enjoyable, it aims to make the game slightly more tolerable.

The first update is slated for release on December 4th. This patch will increase the game’s stash limit from 400 to 600. 76’s strict stash limit leads to a lot of player detriment in the end-game so this should make the game slightly more playable.

“While this is somewhat conservative, we plan to increase the storage cap further once we verify that this change will not negatively impact the stability of the game,” Bethesda said on Reddit.

Here are a few other additions that will come on December 4th:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Balance changes.
  • Players should now receive two-to-three items after defeating a boss – this is level dependant.
  • If a player is hit with the Cryolator, they will be expectedly Frosted, Chilled or Frozen. This depends on how many times the player is hit; instead of being slowed down for two hours, the effects will now last for thirty seconds.
  • Players who are overencumbered will no longer only spawn at Vault 76.

Another update will be coming on December 11th which predominantly focuses on providing a better experience for PC players.

The introduction of push-to-talk, support for 21:9 resolutions and a field-of-view setting will be seen. (Thank, God.) Once you get to level 50, you’ll be able to “respec” your character’s stats.

Most importantly, Fallout 76 will see huge improvements to the way that it handles its C.A.M.P system. With the addition of a bulldozer feature to remove trees, rocks and the like from stopping the creation of your base, you’ll now be able to fully unleash your creativity.

C.A.M.Ps will also not be immediately blueprinted in your inventory once you log out. Instead, they’ll only be blueprinted if your space is occupied by another player. When you log in next, you’ll have the option to move your C.A.M.P on that server to a different spot or keep the same space in another server. Cool!

These updates are okay at best, although they really are features that should have been in the game’s launch version. Hopefully, Bethesda will be able to turn the game around in the coming months.

Source: Reddit