Unwiped whiteboard teases Mango, Apollo and beyond Apollo


Sharp-eyed reader Karl spotted an unwiped whiteboard behind Dr Victor Bahl, Director of Mobile Computing Research, Microsoft Research, in this video about Microsoft working on white space data transmission in the UK.

The writing teases several Windows Phone features in Mango and beyond, some which we unfortunately can not discern mainly due to the bad handwriting.

The first line however suggests Windows Phone Mango will support TIPC which is a network communication protocol.

The second line appears to talk about localization in Apollo, the next version of Windows Phone.  Hopefully this is about much wider support for Microsoft services world-wide.

The line after appears to talk about an Inspiration Engine in Apollo.  Googling the term does not reveal much unfortunately.

The line after talks about Apollo bringing one-handed input via (I think) another soft keyboard, but that part of the line is unclear.

The next two lines are unfortunately also unclear, but clearly talks about work being done beyond Apollo.

Are any of our readers able to make more sense from the writing? Let us know below.

Update: This appears to be an accurate transcription of the text (thanks Aditya)

TIPC/S – Mango
Localization – Apollo
Inspiration Engine – Apollo
One handed input and next gen soft keyboard – Apollo
Voice Typing
Context Engine – Beyond Apollo

Voice typing – looking pretty good!

Thanks Karl for the tip.