It’s a lovely day in the village, and you are an Epic exclusive goose.

That’s right – the Epic Store have snapped up yet another game. Untitled Goose Game, the beautiful and angry feathered brainchild of House House, will make its Windows and Mac debut through the Epic Store.

House House say the reason for the Epic exclusivity is because the partnership gives them the ‘means to make games sustainably for the foreseeable future‘. It’s an understandable and worthy reason and, as they mention in their Tweet, that kind of opportunity for a small studio in the games industry is huge.

The team also say that they love Itchio and Steam and are happy to say they’ll be bringing their goose to the platforms in the future.

Untitled Goose Game has had a Steam page for a while now, but pre-orders for the game never opened.

Of course, Untitled Goose Game will also be available on Nintendo Switch from day one.

The game is a fresh take on the traditional stealth game formula and players play as a ‘horrible goose’. The goose can walk, honk, flap its wings, and pick up items. There’s even a dedicated ‘honk’ button.

The goose has one ultimate goal and one ultimate goal only: be an angry goose.

Untitled Goose Game will be available on Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch in late 2019. You can check out the game’s official website here.