It is a lovely day in the village, and you are potentially a no longer desktop-and-Switch-exclusive goose.

Unless you’ve been living under a goose-free rock for the last few weeks, you’ll know about the phenomenon that is Untitled Goose Game. The goose is loose and taking over the internet, one honk at a a time.

However, just in case you have been living under a goose-free rock, all that you need to know is that Untitled Goose Game is a fresh take on the traditional stealth game formula where players play as a ‘horrible goose’ who’s out to cause general mayhem.

While the goose has successfully stolen the hearts of desktop and Switch players around the globe, console players have been left feeling a little left out.

Not to worry, though – in an interview with ABC News, the team behind the game, House House, have said that they “hope” the goose will eventually find a home on PlayStation and Xbox.

House House also went on to say that once the goose has nested on console platforms, they plan to “start again and create a new game.”

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in being a horrible goose, you can pick up Untitled Goose Game now on PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch.

While we don’t have an official MSPoweruser review of Untitled Goose Game available, I can give it a solid 9/10 and call it a ‘honking majestic’ game.